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Cash Rollover

Cash Rollover

Cash Rollover

Sunday June 3, 10 & 24, 2018
Earn Points starting at 8:00AM
Drawings from 2:00PM to 10:00PM

Players will have to earn a random amount of points every week to enter the promotion and be actively playing their players club card to qualify.

If a player drawn, is a “no show” or is “inactively” playing that prize will not be paid out for that drawing time and that prize will “roll over” into the next drawing time slot. 

2:00PM    $50 Cash
2:30PM    $50 Cash
3:00PM    $50 Cash
3:30PM    $50 Cash
4:00PM    $75 Cash
4:30PM    $75 Cash
5:00Pm    $75 Cash
5:30PM    $75 Cash
6:00PM    $100 Cash
6:30PM    $100 Cash
7:00PM    $100 Cash
7:30PM    $100 Cash
8:00PM    $150 Cash
8:30PM    $150 Cash
9:00PM    $150 Cash
9:30PM    $150 Cash
10:00PM    $1,000 Cash